Hi! My name is Billie – I teach creative introverts how to become virtual assistants and earn an income from home.

Becoming a virtual assistant was my ticket to having a business that felt meaningful, exciting, and fun. It also gave me the freedom that I craved as an introvert.

It allowed me to work when, where, and with whoever I wanted. On top of that, it has been the stepping stone to other amazing opportunities!

My virtual assistant journey began kind of by accident

Right before becoming a VA, I was working as an office manager at my family’s business. I enjoyed the data entry part of my job, but I hated answering the phones, dealing with cranky customers, and having to work at a desk.

I craved setting my own hours, choosing who I worked with, and offering services I enjoyed doing.

I started several different side hustles over the years in hopes of making enough money to quit my job. But none of them panned out and I was feeling very frustrated. All I wanted to do was make enough money to justify quitting my job!

In 2014, I desperately reached out to a business coach and offered my help in exchange for coaching. She excitedly took me up on the offer and I fell in love with VA work! And to my surprise, I was able to quit my job within 3 months of landing my first paying client!

Finally something worked!

Becoming a virtual assistant helped me fulfill my dreams of working from home and having a happier life

That’s why I’m passionate about helping others start their own VA businesses.

I also LOVE learning, teaching and helping people like you create the lives they dream about.

I’m here to offer simple solutions for your life and business problems, encouragement when you’re feeling scared or doubtful, and inspiration. If I can do it, so can YOU! I want you to take your desire of living a meaningful life and make it a reality.

Maybe you already have a VA biz or maybe this is new to you and you’re not even sure what a virtual assistant is. Either way, you are welcome here!


Topics covered on the blog

Below is a list of the topics I write about:

Virtual Assistant Tips – How to get started as a VA, tips for running a successful business.

Virtual Assistant Interviews – Behind the scenes look at other virtual assistant businesses.

Getting Clients – How to find your first clients, how to send your contract, marketing advice.

Productivity and Organization – Time-management tips, business streamlining, using your time efficiently.

Mindset – Facing fears, reducing stress, reaching goals.

Pinterest Marketing Tips – How to use Pinterest to drive more traffic to your website.


fun stuff About me

I love animals, I have 2 fur babies that I adore, I’m married, I live in Florida, I’m an introvert, I’m a homebody, I like to clean and organize my house, and I enjoy eating clean but I also enjoy my sweets! I also love stickers, unicorns, and rainbows!

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