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Every single day I am thankful I found this club and the women in it.

I decided to join Introvert VA Club because I was looking to be part of a community so starting out as a VA didn’t feel so isolating. The training is INCREDIBLE, and I’d be utterly lost without my fellow unicorns and the support we offer each other.

I found my ideal client by responding to a job opportunity inside IVC, and I’ve been working with her for months now. I’ve also found a really supportive, wonderful group of women who inspire me, give me confidence, and forever make me laugh and smile.

Billie is a fantastic mentor with the kind of supportive, encouraging kindness that makes this club feel like home. You should absolutely join IVC! You’ll find your people here and grow exponentially – both personally and in your business endeavors.”

Lauryn Pearce, Eclectivity Consulting

I’ve managed to make over $3K since I launched 2 months ago!

Everything you need to start your business is at your fingertips in Introvert VA Club. What you don’t know today, you’ll learn tomorrow. Utilize every training course, even if you think you already know that topic. I promise there will be at least one take away that will make you not only a better VA but a better business owner!

I still find myself looking through the library and templates; I read every newsletter and try to hit the Clubhouse each week. I don’t always get to the Clubhouse as much as I want, but it’s only because I’ve gotten so busy with new clients and warm leads.

You were my “shortcut” to starting my biz months sooner than I had anticipated it would take me. THANK YOU!!”

Anita Carter, Fetch A Pro

There are many VA groups and clubs out there but none can compare to Introvert VA Club.

I decided to join because I am an introvert and it was nice to know that I was not alone. I also felt like I would get support from other introverts that are VA’s. Being an introvert, I felt I would fail in my business but now I know I can be successful.

I’ve gained more confidence since joining. There are so many resources! It has been invaluable. I especially like the library of trainings and templates. The support here is priceless.

Jeannine Warrick, JL Admin Services

If I had not had the encouragement that I found through Introvert VA Club, I would never have made the jump to quit the job that I was trapped by.

I am an introvert, so knowing there is a community of introverted VA’s out there was a relief. A BONUS was knowing that they are successful in having thriving businesses. I have found peace within myself for not being “perfect at everything” and knowing that I still have something to offer in this online, virtual world.

Since joining IVC I have been able to put together my first contracts and feel confident about the services that I am extending to my clients. I can happily say that I now have 3 clients and am looking for 1 or 2 more so I can reach my “full” schedule.

The library of trainings and templates have been an absolute God-send to me when I landed my very first client a few months ago. I often refer back to these items as I take on more clients. A HUGE thank you for creating this platform and ALL of the training materials and templates.”

Kim Cowan, Sunshine Executive Virtual Assistant Services

Introvert VA Club has been one of the best investments for my business that I’ve made so far.

I have definitely gained confidence through the course offerings and the clubhouse! I found so much information on everything I needed to know to get started. I followed the course to build my website, set up my contracts and onboarding information and was able to get answers to any questions I had.

I love how the training programs are already so robust, and Billie keeps adding more! The Clubhouse is a great resource as well. I know the ladies in the Clubhouse will have an answer to any questions I have. 

Don’t hesitate to join IVC! This is money well spent, and if you take the courses you will make it back in no time with the skills you will gain.”

Jennifer Colgan, MyCapeIsInTheWash.com

Since joining Introvert VA Club, I have hope and confidence that running my own business from home is more than just a “sounds good” idea.

My favorite part of IVC is simply the variation of content. You get practical resources and training as well as social support all in one place. 

Seriously, if you’re on the fence about joining, you won’t regret it. IVC gives you the tools and motivation to finally believe that you CAN be successful.”

Bren Marie, BrenMarie.com

As a support system alone, Introvert VA Club is invaluable.

That plus the teachings and guidance makes it necessary for any VA.

Since joining, I’ve launched my website, got support when I went through life hell, and I’m continually learning and expanding. Most importantly, I’m inspired. The Weekly Wins and Question of the Week keep me engaged, and the trainings keep me growing.”

Jenn Baykan, JBaykan.com

I appreciate all the positive support I receive in Introvert VA Club!

I joined IVC because I wasn’t feeling ready to start my VA business. Since then, I’ve built and launched my website, learned about more tools, and I’ve been able to ask questions when I don’t know something.

My favorite parts are the course library to learn new tools and skills; and I like the support in the Clubhouse. There are so many things you can learn about getting your business started in IVC. And it isn’t on Facebook ;)”

Nicole Beste, NicoleBeste.com

Introvert VA Club gave me the confidence that I needed to tell myself that I can become a VA.

Since I joined, I’ve launched my website, had my first discovery call, and made my first email opt-in!

My favorite parts of IVC are the support from Billie and other unicorns, the Clubhouse, and the job opps thread in the Clubhouse. If you’re thinking about joining, I say make the jump and join! IVC is awesome!”

Brittany Dantzler, BrittanyDantzler.com

“The Introvert VA Club is full of everything you need as a virtual assistant.

I was really overwhelmed with where to go, or what courses to choose to start my VA journey. I am so glad I chose IVC.

The steps are all there for me, clear and concise, without missing anything and leaving me wondering if I’ve missed something. The resources and library are full of helpful hints and processes, taking the headache right out of it all for me!

I am quite a shy person, and having somewhere that is also “introvert-friendly” to ask questions, chat and read other people’s posts is invaluable.”

Kathleen McGuire, CreativeCeltic.com

What I love most about Introvert VA Club is the Library of trainings and support of the other unicorns in the Clubhouse!

It’s a very economical way to learn a lot fast. As someone interested in building and launching an online service business, this was HUGE.

I landed a valuable internship and am able to contribute a ton because of what I’ve learned from IVC, which has in turn catapulted my confidence and puts me on the path to landing my first quality client.

Sharee Anderson, Virtually Sharee Bliss

Introvert VA Club is more than what I expected.

Billie has formulated a well-organized, detailed Passion to Profit Plan that helps you on your VA journey complete with workbooks as your guide. I’ve been struggling for quite a while on how to move forward with my VA journey and this has given me a LOT of EUREKA moments!

It’s such a big help. And the Clubhouse isn’t just a community for social interaction, it’s also a creative environment. So basically, the community is AMAZING and the contents are INVALUABLE!

Dawn Zabala, MaDawnZabala.com

Introvert VA Club has given me the confidence and resources to step out on my own and start a Virtual Assistant business!

Billie has created a positive community that allows introverts interested in working remotely to reach their full potential and achieve their goals.

Porscha, EmbraceYourHustle.com

The library of trainings are awesome and the people are really supportive and responsive!

I joined Introvert VA Club because I was thinking about starting a Virtual Assistant business in addition to Pinterest Management. Since joining, I’ve definitely gained more confidence.

Rachelle Baker, MorningSilence.com

I’m so happy to be a part of the Introvert VA Club!

Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. I love having a place where I can connect with other introvert VAs, ask questions, learn how to grow my business to full-time, and even help others!

Billie’s help is an invaluable resource!

Becky Moffit, BeckyInBold.com

I love the library of trainings!

I joined Introvert VA Club because I wanted to learn more about building a VA business. Since joining, I’ve learned lots about the VA industry. It has definitely been a great investment!

Josephine Garcia, TravelModeVA.com

“Creating a proper, professional contract was overwhelming. Billie’s templates are perfect and very affordable! I now feel more confident pitching clients, knowing I have all my bases covered.

I would tell anyone thinking about purchasing the virtual assistant contracts that it’s a must-have! You can’t go wrong!!”

Jeannie Daigneault, Jeannie’s Virtual Desk

“Billie’s virtual assistant contracts made it very easy and painless for me to get my contract together.

I am a new virtual assistant and needed a basic contract for my first major client! These templates are great! I booked my client and she signed!

I love how clear and customizable the templates wereI also like that there were multiple templates for different types of clients. It also helped me to think about my policies and how I want to handle specific situations.

If you’re thinking about purchasing it, go for it! It’s a great buy! Affordable and very user-friendly — perfect for new VAs!”

Annie Dash, Dash Virtual Solutions

I feel much more confident about my ability to find new clients because the Get Clients training helped me discover new & creative ways to promote my business that feel much more authentic and less salesy.

I loved that Billie provided a clear, super simple roadmap for finding new clients that isn’t overwhelming. It feels totally doable! I also love that this training is thorough but also quick and to the point and the accompanying handouts really helped me get organized and plan out my next steps.

Prior to Billie’s training, I didn’t feel confident or enjoy marketing my business at all. I felt like an imposter who was constantly trying to fit in and keep up with the latest social media marketing trends. I realized marketing and promoting my business can actually be fun. It doesn’t have to be hard at all!

I would absolutely recommend this training to anyone who feels stuck & wants to move forward but isn’t quite sure how to do that & anyone who wants a really helpful step by step plan for getting clients that doesn’t require spending countless hours on social media.”

Arnetia Renee, Your Task Manager

I thought doing coaching over Voxer was excellent!

It was very useful for getting immediate feedback on the issue I’d wanted help with and learning about the tools and strategies that I can use.

Before the session, I was struggling with how to refine my packages and pricing. What I loved most about the coaching call was the ability to collaborate on a Google Doc!

Billie is helpful, understanding, and really easy to talk to. She offers practical advice and suggestions for achieving your desired objective. I believe she genuinely cares about her client’s success.

Sandra Brown

VIP Coaching was so much more than I was expecting! You won’t regret it!

I was struggling with my website copy and speaking effectively to my ideal client. Billie helped me understand how to convey my messaging more concisely and effectively.

What I loved most about the coaching session was the efficiency of Billie’s communication, her amazing insight, and the ability for us to “get down to business” while making it fun, without a ton of pressure.

Billie definitely over-delivered, and I felt that she really wants to see others succeed!”

Lisa O’Bryan, LisaObryan.com

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