I’ve wanted to test the waters in using Pinterest to drive traffic to my website, but knew I wanted to hire a pro to do it! I’m happy to say that Pinterest now makes up 25% of my social referral traffic, compared to 4% before I started working with Billie + team!

I love that I can be almost entirely hands off, but that I hear from Billie at least once per month with an update of what’s working and what can be improved. It’s a huge relief knowing it’s in good hands, but that I can still have a pulse on it! (I’m a bit Type A…)

Don’t waste your time attempting to learn the ins-and-outs of Pinterest yourself if it’s not your thing. Billie + team will help you get clear on your goals, and support you every step of the way!

Sara Frandina

Conversion Copywriter, Sara Frandina

Before Billie started working with me I felt overwhelmed. My business had hit a wall because I was busy and making money, but I KNEW that if I wanted to grow to my next level, I would need a supportive partner to help me get shit done. My hesitations in hiring a VA or Project Manager have always been that I would have to spend forever explaining and training and that they wouldn’t stick around long enough to make the time investment worth it.

When Billie came on board to help me grow my empire it was like the heavens parted! She really “got” me and my business and her presence is calming, reassuring and devoted. I have this feeling like I have a new business partner to help me grow (without having to split profits 50/50!).

She is super tech savvy, and when I assign her work, I know it will get done without 20 back and forth emails about the matter. She is also creative and strategic, which comes in handy when I need help brainstorming topics and ideas that I’m “too close” to get perspective on. If you’ve hit a point in your business where you are profiting, but feel like you are working way too hard on the little details, then hire Billie (before she gets booked up!)

She is a godsend and I can now roll into 2015 with a renewed energy. After all, I FINALLY have the support I need to step into a new level of business (and profits).

Anna Long-Stokes

Intuitive Business Strategist, Anna Long Stokes

When I hired Billie I could tell right away it was a great decision. She understood my needs as soon as I verbalized them and confidently stepped into her role, quickly becoming an integral part of the Else Society team.

She asks the right questions, communicates clearly, and is refreshingly committed to quality. It feels sooo good to have such solid support in place and, best of all, Billie is simply an awesome human and a pleasure to have on team Else Society.

Anne Perry

Founder and CEO of Else Society, Else Society

When I hired Billie, I felt a big sense of relief… I knew immediately that my business would be taken care of 100%.

Billie is not only whip-smart, personable and caring; she is a master at execution and putting ideas into action with processes and systems. She is extremely creative and tech savvy, and while I had experience with working with VA’s and managers on my team in the past, I knew in my heart that whatever I needed, Billie would get it done with style and efficiency AND without a lot of back-and-forth. She reads my mind and gets sh** done with initiative… she just gets it! Billie has done an exceptional job at organizing my launches from start to finish so that I can focus on coaching, leading and doing things in my genius zone instead of managing tasks and the day to day things that bog me down. She takes so much off my plate each day and I’m so grateful!

One of the best things about working with Billie is that she is truly interested in my business. She makes green smoothies with me! I can’t say enough about how working with Billie has changed my life, both in business and personal. She is a beautiful person, inside and out and I look forward to working with her for a very long time to come.

Lisa Consiglio Ryan

CEO of Whole Health Designs and Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Whole Health Designs

Before I started working with Billie, I was a one-woman show in my business. I had had a team in the past, but I ended up scaling things down dramatically in 2014, to give myself a chance to refocus, and I had been “going it alone” for several months. I had lots of big ideas for new projects and initiatives that I wanted to launch, but I could never find the time or energy to actually move forward with them – until Billie arrived on the scene! I gave her a top-level view of what I wanted to accomplish, and she was off to the races. She just instantly “got it” – which was an incredible feeling. That’s one of Billie’s many amazing characteristics: on top of being super smart, efficient, innovative, and a delight to talk to, she is also highly intuitive, which means you get to spend less time explaining your vision, and more time relaxing while she executes it! It’s such a relief to have this kind of support in my business.

I am worrying so much less, and enjoying the process so much more. Billie is a gift to the world – and especially to entrepreneurs on a mission to CHANGE the world! I would unequivocally recommend her to anyone who’s looking for a stellar Online Business Manager. Just don’t wait to hire her… something tells me she’ll be booked solid soon!

Amanda Aitken

Magic Activator, Soul Whisperer, and Passionate Ambassador of the Unseen World, Invoking Magic

Billie Gardner is literally a multi-tasking, multi-talented business angel. From the first moment we spoke, I was totally at ease and knew I was in good hands. Everything I threw at her to help me with – from creating graphics, to drafting up spreadsheets, to handling research – she delivered with flying colors. I can’t say enough great things about Billie. She is both creative and detail oriented, as well as, calming and supportive – which is truly a rare find. All I can say is – snatch her up before she’s fully booked!

Jamie Jensen

Copywriter, Your Hot Copy

Billie is every business’s dream-partner! With her get-er-done attitude and her sunshine spirit, she is a joy to have on your team. She is fast, efficient and full of heart. She anticipates your needs, listens intently and always goes that extra mile. Whether you need social media help, quick witty copy, or beautiful workbooks designed, Billie is there ready and waiting to help you make sh*t happen. You better swoop her up now because you NEED her in your business corner.

Kimberly Riggins

Business Catalyst + Instigator, Kimberly Riggins

Billie is always on top of the newest systems and tech, and she’s the most organized human being I’ve ever met. Her knowledge of all things business and tech is astounding and she really has the gift for turning an overwhelming task into a simple, streamlined system.

Not only is Billie amazing at what she does, but she is incredibly sweet and kind. She knows how challenging it is to run a business and she can help build a supportive system that suits each individual entrepreneur. I highly recommend Billie to any entrepreneur who wants to streamline and grow her business!

McKella Sawyer

Artist + Creativity Mentor , McKella Sawyer

Meeting Billie was a gift from the Universe. To say I was struggling with updating my website would be an understatement. Then I met Billie. In a crazy short amount of time, she understood my business and the message I wanted to convey. Billie had my new web site live in about two days. And I am so relieved, excited and grateful. Her ability to easily grasp concepts and bring them into reality is amazing.

Desire to Done is the perfect name. Billie easily understood my vision and desire and got it done. Thanks Billie, you rock!

Karen Partisch

Licensed Massage Therapist , Karen Partisch