Discovery calls can feel terrifying, especially for introverted Virtual Assistants. Learn my tips for staying calm and having a successful chat.


It’s common practice for Virtual Assistants to have a discovery call with potential clients before working with them. It’s a way to find out what the client needs help with and see if you both “click.” 

But discovery calls can feel…terrifying! Especially for introverts!

In this post, I’ll cover 9 tips to help you stay calm on your discovery calls. That way, you can get through them and maybe even enjoy them! 😁




Tip #1. Be prepared.

One thing that really helped calm my nerves was when I was a VA and doing discovery calls was being prepared.

I researched the client to learn as much as I could about their business, and I had questions printed out on paper so I wouldn’t forget what to ask.

You’ll find that some clients will jump right in and tell you all about what they’re looking for, and you won’t have to do much but listen and ask a couple of questions. Other clients will want you to steer the conversation, so be ready either way. 

Also, have something to write on while you talk in case you need to take some notes or jot down a question you want to ask later in the conversation. That way you’re not interrupting the other person or distracted and worried that you’ll forget to ask your question.


Tip #2. Create a script.

I created a script for my discovery calls so I wouldn’t forget what to say. It also helped me feel more confident and kept me from stumbling over my words! You may find that you don’t need the script once the call starts, but it’s there for you if you do. 


Tip #3. Pretend you’re speaking to an old friend.

We introverts tend to feel nervous when meeting new people, right? Pretending that the other person is an old pal may help.


Tip #4. Hold your calls in a quiet place.

Find a quiet place in your home to hold your calls so noises don’t throw you off your game. You don’t want your kids asking questions or dogs barking in the background when you’re on the call. 

Don’t panic if it happens, though! Just apologize and move on. Most entrepreneurs understand because they work from home just like you. If you have kids, you can schedule your calls when someone can watch them so you’re not worried about them while trying to concentrate on your conversation.



Tip #5. Give yourself plenty of time.

Leave lots of white space in your schedule around the meeting so you aren’t rushing to prepare or have to switch gears quickly. It helps to have a few minutes to collect yourself, breathe, or stretch if you need to.


Tip #6. Have a drink nearby.

Your mouth might get dry when you’re nervous, so having a drink within arm’s length is a good idea. You don’t want to interrupt your call to get up and get a glass of water.


Tip #7. Give yourself a pep talk.

You can use mantras to set an intention for the call. For instance, you can say something like, “I’m really excited to speak to this person today. Regardless of the call’s outcome, we’re going to have a smooth conversation,” or you can say something like, “I’m powerful and talented! I can do anything I put my mind to!”

Tell yourself what you need to hear to feel confident. 💪


Tip #8. Remember, there are only two outcomes, and they’re both good.

You’ll either start working with a new client who’s a good fit or discover the other person is not a good fit, saving you both lots of time and trouble. 

Even if a client isn’t a good fit for you, they might know someone who is and refer you!


Final Tip #9. Keep in mind that taking action is better than being perfect. 

You may not have all the answers or feel fully prepared, but hopping in is sometimes the best thing you can do. That’s where you’ll learn what you need to do instead of guessing and overthinking it.

And remember, discovery calls aren’t just so the other person can see if you’re the right person for the job. It’s also for you so you can determine if a) you can help this person and b) you want to help this person!


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