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Create Services That Sell

Learn how to create virtual assistant services that clients want with my Skillshare class "Create Services That Sell".

In this class, I go in-depth on how to take the first steps toward starting your Virtual Assistant business.

Lessons include:

  • What is a Virtual Assistant?
  • 11 Traits That Make a Great VA
  • Determine Your Why
  • Identify Your Niche
  • Decide on Your Ideal Client
  • Create Your Services
  • Price Your Services

This class is perfect for beginners who want to learn more about virtual assisting or any VA who is not loving the services they’re offering.

A workbook is included that you can fill out as you go through the lessons. You’ll also find resources there on the tools you need to start your business and how to find clients.

Thank you so much Billie for this amazing series! This is exactly what I have been looking for – a step by step guide. This was so helpful, informative and reassuring.

I’m just starting out as a VA, still setting up my business and I felt quite unmotivated and clueless, but this video has helped me finally figure out my niche and my ideal client!! So exciting, thanks so much for this. 

Louise Morse

A wonderful class for beginners or just for those who want a refresher on the basics. I took VA classes in 2018 but before I could start up my business I took a completely different job. I wanted to get back into VA and this class not only refreshed a lot of the concepts for me but also had more helpful examples than my original training did.

I appreciated the help with really figuring out my ideal client since I just had a very basic idea. I also liked the section on prices as I struggled with that and now I know I was severely undervaluing my work.

Katy Clancy

I loved this class it was very detailed and informative. It had a lot of take away points. Her explanations were clear and easy to understand. Great job!
Bree B.

Loved how clear the whole material was. Her voice is super nice, she is very prepared and professional. thank you so much!!
Rebeca Rodrigues

This was the best class I’ve taken for becoming a virtual assistant. She broke down every section seamlessly and gave examples where needed. I highly recommend this course.
Arts Crafts And Trap Music

As someone coming with barely any knowledge on what a virtual assistant is about, this class was wonderful. Gave me ideas and examples on how to start out, and the workbook helped me get my thoughts on paper. Loved it!
Valerie Herdt

Exceeded my expectations! Thank you for sharing every detail of your knowledge about being a VA. This will definitely help me a lot. I’d also like to say that my favorite part is the Final Thought. It feels like you are talking to me in person while saying it. Thank you so much Billie, appreciate it a lot. :)

Barbie Valencia

This class was everything I needed and more. I gained so much clarity on running a VA business and now I’m excited to start my own! I also decided to join the membership and I look forward to all that this teacher has to offer. Everything was well organized and clearly explained. I highly recommend!

Liz Brent

This was a great beginner’s class! As someone who knew nothing about being a VA, I feel confident that I can figure out who my ideal client is, what type of services I want to offer and my rate.

Liz Hilton

Great beginner course for those thinking of entering the VA world. Wonderful resources, tips and suggestions. The workbook is a treasure! Very inspiring course with LOTS of great info.
Debby Goodrich

I have watched a lot of VA videos and online courses from a variety of people selling their consulting work. I have to say that Billie is by far my favorite, and I will pay for any course she offers on her website. She offers value without charging, so I can only imagine what her paid services offer. This brief course was so great. I’ve walked away with solid actionable items.

A Coronado


Learn how to find clients for your virtual assistant or freelance business. Marketing techniques that builds connections without using social media.

I’m super excited to share my tips for getting clients because I know that many Virtual Assistants struggle with this. 

What we’ll be covering in this class:

  • Different types of marketing strategies and which ones are the quickest and easiest to start with
  • What you need to have in place before you start promoting your business
  • 6 marketing techniques for finding clients that don’t require social media

You’ll learn how to build connections that lead to clients and referrals. Even if you’re an introvert!

A workbook is also included to help you strategize and track your results.

This gave me just the right boost of confidence to finally start reaching out for clients, thank you!

Lydia Hilebrand

I am blown away by this class. The instructor’s knowledge on the topic gave me clarity on how to go about further while starting my freelance journey. I would recommend freelancers or anybody already in business to watch these lessons and excel.

Twinkle Waghela

Love this course! It was nice, with helpful examples and full of really actionable steps.

Kai H.

Thank you so much for this class Billie! It was truly useful. I started freelancing in May. While I have a big client, I would feel more secure with my business and finances if I get a couple of more clients. I tried a few things people suggested, but nothing really worked. Your suggestions make so much sense, I will definitely try them in the next couple of weeks! Thank you again.
Sylvia H.

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