What happens after the Pinterest Business Account Setup service?

After the setup service you’ll have the option of continuing with a monthly maintenance service where we’ll strategically pin fresh content to your boards and maintain your BoardBooster account.

What type of reporting will you provide so that I can tell what's working + what's not?

Basic Maintenance Service: We’ll share the growth of your Pinterest followers and most clicked pins from your website each month.

Top Notch Maintenance Service: You’ll receive a more in depth report than with the Basic Maintenance Service. With this service we’ll be reporting on the following:

Pinterest followers
Most clicked pins from your website

Total number of new subscribers each month
Overall Subscriber Opt-ins **

Overall number of website users, sessions and page views
Referrals to your site through Pinterest
Social referrals so you can see how Pinterest is doing in comparison to other social media channels

**Individual newsletter lists can be tracked for an additional charge

Is contributing to group boards part of your strategy?

Yes! Group boards help get your pins in front of large groups of people and is an important part of our strategy.

What are the differences between BoardBooster vs. TailWind and why have you chosen to work with BoardBooster?

We work with BoardBooster because it allows us to “loop” older pins so they are seen again. These looped pins will include your content and other people’s content. That means your pins are getting out there more with less effort.

It also has scheduling tools where your pins can be repined to group boards, also increasing your pin’s views.

Have you taken any courses/follow any specific methodologies? Just curious!

I’ve taken a handful of courses focusing on Pinterest strategy & management plus I read about Pinterest strategy from different sources as much as I can. Once I applied Pinterest strategies to my business my email list grew like it’s never grown before! I’ve received guest posting opportunities, comments on my blog, and sales from my digital products.

Is Pinterest useful for service based businesses? I don't currently sell any products. My main goal with using Pinterest would be to get more exposure to my work, drive more traffic to my site, grow my email list, and ideally get new clients.

Pinterest is a visual social media platform (if you want to call it that, it’s actually more like Google). If your blog posts are well written and your pins are vertical & easy to read, you should do well with getting people from Pinterest over to your blog and opt-ins. You’ll want to be sure to have blog posts geared towards your ideal clients and optimize those posts to funnel them into your services.

You can also create a pin for your service page and pin it to Pinterest (or we can do this for you!)

I have a few questions, how can I reach you?

Great! We love questions! Fill out this contact form and we’ll get back to you soon.