Want to make more money as a Virtual Assistant? Learn what VIP Days are, what you can offer, the benefits, and more!

Virtual Assistants have a lot to choose from when it comes to pricing their services. There’s hourly, project-based, retainer, and package pricing. But there’s also a fairly new pricing structure that has been making waves lately.

This new rate has proven to be quite lucrative too. What is it? It’s called VIP days!

In this article, I’ll explain how and why to offer VIP days to your VA clients.

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A VIP Day is when a client books you for a day (usually anywhere between 3-8 hours) for a specific outcome.



If you decide to offer a VIP Day, consider offering a service or completing multiple tasks that you enjoy doing or are really good at. 

Some ideas:

  • Copywriting – sales pages, sales emails
  • Social Media – writing posts, creating graphics, scheduling
  • Website Design – a fully customized site would be hard to do in a day, but if you do simple websites where you basically plug in their info and images, it could work
  • Website Page Design – set up certain pages for an existing website
  • LeadPages – you could specialize in this software to build sales pages
  • ClickFunnels – you could specialize in this software to build sales funnels
  • Coaching/Consulting – be available for client questions as they work on a project
  • Strategy – social media, sales emails, podcasts, etc.
  • ConvertKit or other email service provider – migrate and set up automations
  • Dubsado or HoneyBook – set up the account, add templates, emails, and automations
  • Admin tasks – a variety of tasks
  • Email Cleanup – clean up and organize a client’s inbox
  • Systems – project management system with workflows
  • Writing – blog posts, social media posts
  • Transcriptions/captions – videos, podcast episodes, audio
  • Tech – tackle tech issues, fix website issues



There are quite a few benefits for both you, the Virtual Assistant, and your client.

Benefits of VIP Days for Virtual Assistants

  • You can charge more than your normal rate since you are dedicating your time and energy to one client.
  • You have the ability to work less overall if there’s a demand for your VIP day and you’re able to book clients consistently.
  • When the day is over, the project is over. No scope creep where the client wants something added and edited.
  • VIP Days can help boost your income whether you solely focus on them or offer them in addition to your existing services.
  • Focusing on one client and one type of task(s) is easier than bouncing around doing different tasks for multiple clients.


Benefits of VIP Days for clients

  • They can get one or more projects done in a short amount of time.
  • They get a dedicated VA that is focused on their own project.
  • It motivates them to get something done on a specific date rather than continually pushing it off.
  • Perfect for clients who value speed and convenience.



Other options for VIP Days

  • Instead of working with a client for one day, you could offer a VIP weekend or even a VIP week. These would work better for bigger projects like a custom website or podcast launch.
  • Another option is offering half days instead of a full day.

I worked with a podcast expert for a week and she helped me launch my podcast. I could ask her any questions I had over the Voxer app. It was SUPER helpful!!


Tips for making the most out of your VIP Days

  • On your website, outline how the day will go so the client understands what to expect.
  • Have the client pay when they book your service.
  • Use a CRM (Client Relationship Manager) tool like HoneyBook to set up your VIP Day systems, including your schedule, invoice, automatic emails, etc.
  • Make it clear that if they cancel or reschedule their appointment there will be a fee. You’re setting aside a day for them so it’s important they keep that date if possible.
  • Boundaries are important! Tell the client you need all materials, login info, answers to your questions, and anything else you need within 72 hours before your VIP Day. And if they haven’t submitted all the info you need by then, tell them their day will need to be rescheduled.
  • Depending on what you offer, you can have a call when the day starts, at the end, or offer Voxer check-ins throughout the day.
  • You could offer email support for a limited time after the VIP Day is over in case your client has any questions.
  • Beta test your VIP Day with a practice client or two to work out the kinks.


Cons of VIP Days:

As with anything, there are some cons to VIP Days.

  • It can be very tiring for introverted Virtual Assistants – it’s a good idea to schedule recovery time at the end of the day.
  • You will need to constantly find clients vs a retainer rate where you work with a client on an ongoing basis and can count on consistent income.
  • Not everyone can pay for a VIP Day so you’ll need to get really clear on who your ideal client is for this service and find them. (It will typically be people who have been in business for a while and have the budget for it.)



VIP Days are becoming more and more popular with Virtual Assistants and business owners who use them. They can offer a nice boost in income for you and be a fun way to offer your help. Just be really clear about what your service includes, get your systems set up beforehand, and give it a try! Once you offer VIP days to your VA clients, it might just be your new favorite way to work!



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