Today I’m interviewing the lovely Lynne Hudson of Amplify VA.  Lynne is multi-talented—she’s an artist and writer but also loves tech and research. Learn how she got started as a virtual assistant, what she struggles with, what her favorite online tools are, and more!

You can learn a lot from people who are doing what you want to do. That’s why I created the Behind the Scenes of a Virtual Assistant Business series. I hope these interviews inspire you to create your own successful VA business!

Today I’m interviewing the lovely Lynne Hudson of Amplify VA

Lynne is multi-talented—she’s an artist and writer but also loves tech and research.

Learn how she got started, what she struggles with, what her favorite online tools are, and more!

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Q: How did you get started as a VA?

For the past year, I had been working part-time as a personal assistant for a local attorney and his family. It required the perfect combination of business, research, and “everything but the kitchen sink” skills for me. I loved the work, but it came to a screeching halt in March when things shut down in our state. During this “great pause,” I started researching ways to help people remotely and began my VA journey in earnest.


Q: What were you doing prior to becoming a VA?

I’ve been a creative entrepreneur for years and have done all the administrative work for my husband’s business over the past ten years while working in education as a media specialist (librarian to some) and technology teacher. As I mentioned, I was most recently working part-time as a personal assistant, and I’ve been working on my own creative business over the past three years. 

I’m a writer, mixed media artist, and bookbinder, so that keeps me busy as well. I’ve always been interested in learning new technology platforms in order to teach students, teachers, and administrators how to use them. 


Q: We’d love to hear more about your niche. What do you specialize in?

Because of my experience with so many things, I’m a generalist, but I am currently working in the Mighty Networks platform, helping with memberships, content, and classes. I’m also doing a lot of ebook and POD book formatting. I love both of them, so the emphasis on these projects makes me happy.


Q: How did you prepare to become a VA? Did you take any courses, read any books, use skills from another job, etc.?

Did I mention I used to be a librarian/media specialist? (LOL) That means I spent a lot of time researching and reading about the career. That research led me to Desire to Done. I found Billie’s course on Skillshare and took that. I also reached out to friends who were virtual assistants and online business managers to interview them about their experience and work. 

I joined a few FB groups, but I’m moving away from FB, so while they were good, I didn’t want to have to keep using the platform. I read Becoming an Online Business Manager and checked out a couple of online membership sites out there. Of course, I joined the Introvert VA Club, and it’s been fabulous! In addition to having great resources, the community is welcoming and spectacular at offering solid critique while being supportive. 


Q: In your experience, what’s the best way to find clients? Where did you find yours?

This feels like a cheat, but I followed Billie’s guidance about looking in my own backyard. I reached out to people I knew and asked them if they needed help or if they knew people who I might be able to help. Updating my LinkedIn profile and making helpful posts in that platform helped spread the word as well. 


Q: How long did it take you to be fully booked out with clients?

When will I know that I’m fully booked out? Seriously, I have a goal of sixty days, but we’ll see. I’m confident that following the guidance from the Introvert VA Club will help me get there.



Q: What’s your favorite thing about being a VA?

I love that no two days are the same! Don’t get me wrong, some of the work is, and should be, methodical. Bookkeeping anyone? But on any given day, I can be working on a book design, updating someone’s QuickBooks, or brainstorming for a class launch. How did I get so lucky that this is my job?


Q: What do you struggle with as a VA?

The introvert piece is sometimes a challenge, but the fact that I’m offering virtual services helps. My biggest struggle comes with narrowing down how I can help people. I mean, how many artist, writer, entrepreneur, bookkeeper, Divi nerds are there out there? Narrowing down my services has been my biggest challenge.


Q: What’s your advice for someone who wants to be a VA?

Do it! Jump in and start. Find the membership group that meets your needs, enlist their help, make and plan and stick to it. Having a group of people to “talk” to in the Introvert VA Club has been priceless. As someone who dives into research, I looked at a LOT of membership sites and training for VA’s. There are a few other good ones out there, but this one was the right fit for me. Do your research and find your group.


Q: What tools or programs could you not live without?

How much time do we have? I’d have to start with WordPress and Divi. I’ve been helping people create websites with WordPress, Wix, Square, Shopify, and Weebly for years, but WordPress is my “go-to.” Using Divi has opened up new worlds for web design. 

Of course, for writing, there’s InDesign and Scrivener, and I probably use the Affinity products at least a couple times a day.

Even though I’m a Trello girl, I’m also really attached to my “Things” app in the mac environment.


Q: What’s your favorite trick for staying healthy as a VA?

Walking every day and drinking water at least every two hours. I found a great way to schedule my work blocks from Charlie Gilkey at Productive Flourishing. Initially, I felt a little silly scheduling water and “walk around” breaks, but it’s been a game-changer for my productivity and healthy habits.


Q: What’s your favorite way to unwind?

Hanging out with our three dogs and my teenager keeps me grounded. We walk in the surrounding parks and spend as much time outside as possible. Working in my art journal is also a way to settle the thoughts of the day and keep moving forward. I also recently started meditating, and my family says I’m calmer, so it must be working!


Q: Where can we find you?

You can find me at or send an email to lynne [at] I’m also on LinkedIn.

If you’re interested in mixed media art, you can see my work on Instagram @Lhudsonnc and at Open Hearts Studio.


Thanks for sharing your VA journey with us, Lynne! I’m super excited about your future!

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