The Introvert VA Club is a membership I created to help introverted Virtual Assistants. In this post, I share the new courses, trainings, and templates we created in 2022 and what's coming in early 2023.


2022 was a big year for the Introvert VA Club!

In this blog post, I’m going to do a roundup of everything we added to IVC in 2022 and give a sneak peek at what’s coming right away in 2023!

First things first, though.

If you’re new around here, a little bit about me: I’m Billie, and I’m a Virtual Assistant Mentor for introverted Virtual Assistants. I created an online membership called the Introvert VA Club in 2019 to help people like yourself become VAs. 

I became a VA in 2014 and have since shifted to mentoring introverts. Since I’m an introvert myself, I know the challenges we face daily and therefore wanted to create a community where we can learn and support each other.

In addition to the introverted community, my membership also includes a plethora of resources such as in-depth courses, templates, checklists, and more. And even though the word “introvert” is in its name, extroverts are also welcome and will still get tons of value out of the membership!




In 2022 we released 12 new resources in addition to updating other content. 

Normally, the content created for IVC is made by me or my amazing VA Becky, but this year I also had members contribute content, which is super exciting! I wanted to expand the trainings in IVC beyond what I know and have members teach what they know. 

We now have more than 80+ courses, Quick Wins, templates, and checklists in IVC that will help VAs start their business, learn new skills, make more money, and lots more. 

Here’s what we added in 2022:


DO A YEAR-END REVIEW + GOALS QUICK WIN Setting goals is an important part of running a business. This Quick Win includes questions to help you clarify what’s working in your biz and what’s not so that you can create goals that feel good. I recommend everyone fill this out at the beginning of each year.


CLIENT OUTREACH SPREADSHEETThis will help you keep track of how and when you reach out to potential clients, as well as results, so you remember what works best for you. 


USING CALENDLY TO SCHEDULE MEETINGSCalendly makes scheduling client calls super easy, plus you look really professional. What you do is set up your schedule and then share the link with your clients so they can see your availability and choose a time that works for them. Scheduling software is a must when you’re a VA. The course we created takes you through the process of setting up your account and using the software. 


MAKE MONEY WITH A VIP DAY – VIP Days, also known as Day Rates or VA for a Day, is when a client books you for a day (usually anywhere between 3-8 hours) for a specific outcome. Clients get quick results, and you get to charge VIP prices. 

This type of service has become quite popular with VAs lately because it can be an instant boost of income. You can offer all sorts of services, including a day of admin work, tech setup, website updates, and so much more. My VA, Becky, who is very organized and techy, loves doing these VIP Days, and she helped me create some VIP Day content for IVC, including this course!

This course covers everything you need to know to set up your VIP Day, including how to manage your energy as an introvert on those days. 


VIP DAY CONTRACT TEMPLATE – Send this to your clients when they book a VIP day!


VIP DAY EMAIL TEMPLATESThese will help you onboard and offboard your VIP day clients. 


THE INTROVERT’S GUIDE TO NETWORKING This training was created by one of our lovely members, Jeannine Warrick of JL Administrative Services. In this guide, Jeannine shared her best tips for attending online and local networking events. She even included her favorite online networking platforms so that you can start connecting with potential clients and referrers immediately.


INSTAGRAM 101This beast of training was created by another lovely member, Kelsey Bjorndalen of Vitality Virtual Services. Even though Kelsey is an introvert, she is killing it on Instagram with her Reels. 

You’ll learn everything you need to know about Instagram, plus content ideas and examples, and of course, tips for introverts. 


GET YOUR EMAILS ORGANIZED  This course teaches you the principles of organizing emails and maintaining an uncluttered inbox. 


CREATE AN EMAIL MANAGEMENT SERVICE This course covers how to do email management for clients. Email management is a service that any VA can offer, no matter their skill level, so it’s perfect for new VAs. You’ll learn how to set up your service and work with clients.



CREATE AN EMAIL SIGNATURE QUICK WIN If you ever wanted to learn how to make a fancy email signature that includes your headshot or logo and links to your website and social media, try this Quick Win training! Email signatures look really professional and are great for sharing more info about your business.


DESIGN AN ONLINE PORTFOLIO USING CANVA  – In December last year, our member Betty Ortiz Hernandez of Betty’s Virtual Solutions created this incredible course. A portfolio can include many of the same pages a website does, including an about you, your services and pricing, samples of your work, testimonials, and a call to action to work with you. Any type of VA can use an online portfolio, not just creative VAs, and it’s perfect for new VAs who don’t want to create a website just yet.






Making Videos Inclusive – In addition to the new content we released, we made all our videos inclusive by adding closed captions. Our training videos now have captions edited by an actual human being, not just auto-generated, because if you’ve ever read captions that haven’t been edited, you know that they can be really wonky and confusing. My VA, Becky, and I get a good laugh sometimes at what auto-captions come up with.

Not only do captions make our videos accessible to those who are deaf or hard of hearing, but they also help members comprehend material better and allow them to watch our videos with the sound off if needed. 



Updated the Passion To Profit Plan – We’ve also been regularly updating the Passion to Profit Plan, IVC’s signature course that helps new VAs start their business from scratch.



3 Year Anniversary – In April, we celebrated IVC’s third anniversary! We always do an introvert-friendly celebration with our members, and last year we played virtual bingo and gave away some really cool prizes. 

Every year we also give away the Sparkly Unicorn Award ✨🦄 to one of our members that stands out, and last year for the first time, we gave away the Active Unicorn Award to a member who is really active and supportive in our community. 



Library Update – The IVC library, which houses all our trainings and resources, also got a huge update and is now easier to navigate and search for what you want.





We have some fantastic content that will be released this year in 2023, including The Introvert’s Guide to Imposter Syndrome. I’m stoked to share this training because imposter syndrome is something that many of our introverted members deal with. I’m eager to discuss the subject and share tips for dealing with it!

We’ll also be releasing info for Canadian VAs thanks to Trish MacQueen, one of our new Canadian members. She’s had experience setting up a Canadian business and graciously volunteered to put this information together. I’m excited we’ll have legal and tax info for Canadian VAs!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg as far as the content that will be published this year.


I would love to help you along your VA journey! Just go to to learn more, and if you have any questions, you can use the chat button at the bottom of the page and ask me questions directly! I hope that 2023 is a wonderful year for you!

Introvert VA Club - Courses, templates, community and more for introverted virtual assistants.



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