The Introvert VA Club is a membership for introverted (and some extroverted) virtual assistants. See what type of trainings we added in 2021, it's amazing features, and what's coming in 2022.

It’s hard to believe we’re already saying goodbye to 2021! It’s not the year we all hoped for after all the craziness of 2020, but it was certainly a good year for online businesses.

Members of the Introvert VA Club have been busy starting new businesses or expanding their current businesses. We have more members, training, and opportunities than ever before!

My team and I are working hard to provide the highest quality resources for our members based on our own experiences, changes in the online world, and frequently asked questions from our VAs. I’ve put together a list for you of everything we added in 2021. There’s even a sneak peek at what’s coming in 2022!

If you’re ready to take a giant step toward your dream of working from home with a flexible schedule, come join our supportive community! You’ll get instant access to all the tools you need for a successful business as well as encouragement and advice from some of the best VAs you’ll ever meet.

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😍  “I have to say that I am genuinely perplexed about your ability to put together courses that are simultaneously thorough AND concise!” -Cheryl V.

The courses in IVC are in-depth, action-oriented, and no-fluff. The following are new courses that were published in 2021:

HOW TO MAKE MORE MONEY WITH YOUR BUSINESS In this course, you’ll learn a variety of ways to make more money with your Virtual Assistant business.

HOW TO USE DUBSADO TO STREAMLINE YOUR BUSINESS Dubsado is a client relationship management system, more commonly known as a CRM. It helps you save time by automating things like scheduling appointments, sending contracts & invoices, and requesting testimonials.

HOW TO USE ZOOM FOR CLIENT MEETINGS Zoom is an online video chat tool that’s great to use for face-to-face meetings.

PASSIVE INCOME IDEAS FOR YOUR BUSINESS This course covers the different types of passive income products you can create, the tools you can use to create and sell these products, and my personal experience with each.

HOW TO MANAGE PROJECTS WITH ASANAAsana is a popular project management tool. It helps teams and individuals organize and track their projects.

HOW TO CREATE CAPTIONS FOR VIDEOS In this course, you will learn how to add captions to your videos or offer it as a service for clients.

HOW TO USE HONEYBOOK TO STREAMLINE YOUR BUSINESS HoneyBook is a popular CRM that helps you save time by automating things like scheduling appointments, sending contracts & invoices, and requesting testimonials.



Tech is constantly changing, and we do our best to keep our courses up-to-date and accurate. The following are all the courses that were updated in 2021:

USING LASTPASS TO STORE PASSWORDS LastPass allows you to store and share passwords safely. You can also save credit cards and other sensitive information.

HOW TO USE LOOM TO CREATE VIDEO TUTORIALS Learn how to record videos on your computer using Loom, as well as some of the cool features it has.

HOW TO DESIGN A WORDPRESS WEBSITE – PART 1 This course covers the technical side of setting up your website, such as purchasing a domain, setting up hosting, and installing WordPress.

PASSION TO PROFIT PLAN – We are in the process of updating our foundational course with new workbooks, extra info, and of course, fun GIFs! 


Making Videos Inclusive

💬  We are hard at work making all our course videos inclusive by adding captions. That way, everyone can feel welcome and get the most out of IVC.


2 Year Anniversary

🥳 In April, we celebrated the second anniversary of IVC with an introvert-friendly party on Voxer, awarding the 2nd annual Sparkly Unicorn Award, a scavenger hunt for prizes, and a raffle for a free 1-hour coaching session with me 


Open Office Hours

🦄 We had open office hours over Voxer where members got one-on-one time with me. This is something we plan to do again in 2022.


Live Challenge

🙌 We have a Get Clients Fast Challenge that’s available in IVC anytime members need to find some clients, but in January we did a successful live version of the challenge that included group coaching over Voxer. 


Job Opps

🌟 We shared 71 job opps from business owners looking to hire VAs. These job announcements come from our Hire a VA Service and are only available to IVC members. This is where a lot of our members find their first clients! We 💗 helping our members find clients!


Fun Community Update

🌈 Since our community is within the membership platform (and not on Facebook) I was able to add some fun badges and ranks. I like to think of them as stickers you earn when you interact with other members. Everyone raves about our supportive community!


A Sneak Peek at 2022

🔥 I like to release 1-2 pieces of new or updated content each month, so members always have something new to learn for their business or offer as a service to their clients. Here’s a list of new content coming down the pipeline in 2022: 

  • PLANS: Our Passion to Profit Plan for new VAs is the foundation of the Introvert VA Club. In 2022 we’ll be focusing on adding more advanced plans for established VAs so they can grow and scale their businesses. 😀
  • UPDATES: We’ll be going through older content and making updates as needed
  • COURSE: Email Management for Clients
  • QUICK WIN: How to Create an Email Signature

Plus, a whole lot more!

Introvert VA Club - Courses, templates, community and more for introverted virtual assistants.

Well, that’s the roundup of IVC content in 2021 and what’s to come in 2022! If you’re not a member of the Introvert VA club yet, click here to join! I would love to support you as you grow your own virtual assistant business! (If you have any questions about the membership, reach out to my team here!)



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