Hey there virtual assistant! Feeling overwhelmed in your own business? Sounds like it's time to hire your first virtual assistant! Here are some tips to make it easier and less scary. #virtualassistant #hireavirtualassistant


Sooner or later, there will come a time in your VA journey when you start to feel overwhelmed by everything you need to do.

At this point, you will likely have a full client list so you’ll no longer be concerned with finding more clients. The problem now will be keeping up with your own business tasks.

So, how do you know for sure that it’s time to hire your first virtual assistant? What are the first steps you need to take? And what else do you need to know to survive the process?

Well, I’ve got some A’s to your Q’s right below!




1) You’re not getting your client work done on time. You finish projects late, or you keep giving clients longer and longer estimates of when projects will be finished because you have so much on your plate.

2) You’re feeling burnt out and a little unmotivated. You love your work, but lately, you feel like you’re being stretched too thin. Tasks have become more about quantity and less about quality. Plus, you feel you need more downtime than you’re getting.

3) Things aren’t getting done in your business that needs to get done. You haven’t been blogging, emailing your list, or updating your social media. You might want to work on some other projects (like creating info products for scalable income), but you just don’t have the time or energy!





1) Make a list of everything you do in your business and organize them into categories (social media, content, financial, etc…)

2) Make a note beside each one – enjoy, don’t enjoy, or takes too long

3) Look for someone who can help you with each category of the ‘don’t enjoy’ and ‘takes too long’ tasks

4) Make another list with the type of traits and qualities you’d like in a VA, and if you’re willing to train them or not

5) Ask your colleagues for recommendations (or fill out our Hire a Virtual Assistant form and we’ll post your request in our VA club).

6) When you find someone you think looks promising, check out their site, prices, and testimonials. Listen to your gut when choosing. Then take the first step – fill out their ‘work with me’ form, schedule a call, or email them. (If you’re hiring a VA to help you with client work, you’ll need a special contract for them to fill out. You can access a VA Associate Contract Template inside the Introvert VA Club.)

7) Hire them if everything checks out or pay them to do a small project to see how they do before officially hiring them.





  • If you need to train your VA, you can write up an SOP of the process or record a video of what to do. Don’t just expect them to figure it out on their own.


  • When delegating work, communication is key. Be clear on what needs to be done and when. Give the VA enough time to complete the project (remember you’re not their only client). Also, try to respond to any questions they may have in a prompt manner so they can complete the task.


  • Don’t expect one VA to be able to do everything on your to-do list. Just like you, other VAs will have their own “zone of genius”. Some VAs are better at writing, some are more techie, and others are better managers. Figure out which tasks are more pressing and start there. Once you get that part of your biz under control you can hire another VA to take care of some of your other pressing tasks.


  • Follow your gut. If you don’t have a good feeling about someone, don’t hire them! If you hire them and they’re not a good fit, let them go sooner rather than later.


  • If you’re hesitant about investing in a VA, listen up. A VA has the potential to grow your income. When you have the time, energy, and brain space for creating new income streams or taking on more clients…you make more money! Plus, you’re doing work that you really enjoy and that you’re good at. Leave the other stuff to someone who enjoys doing it and is better at it than you!


Being a virtual assistant yourself puts you at an advantage over other entrepreneurs when working with a VA. You can take the experiences you’ve had with your own clients and build your team based on how you like to be treated as a VA.

This is an exciting time in your VA career! Once you get over the fear and uncertainty of hiring your first VA, you’ll wonder why you waited so long!

Learn how to find, hire, and train a virtual assistant for your business. 

Need more help with the hiring process? Check out my Hire a Virtual Assistant Workbook!


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