Sending a gift to a client is yet another opportunity to shine and stand out. Giving him or her a gift that says, “I picked this just for you” is really special and will get you good karma points (and maybe more work!). Here are some fun gift ideas for clients, all under $20. #giftguide #clients #virtualassistant

Fun Gift Ideas for Clients ($20 or less!)

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Sending little gifts to clients for Christmas, and birthdays, or to say “thank you” or “congratulations” is a great way to stand out as a virtual assistant. Not only is it a wonderful gesture that shows how much you appreciate your client’s business, but it also shows how much you care about them as a person.

I think personalized gifts are the best. I believe that sending a gift to a client is yet another opportunity to shine and stand out. Giving them a gift that says, “I picked this just for you,” is really special and will get you good karma points (and maybe more work!). When you do something special like that, they’ll remember it and be more likely to refer you to their colleagues or share on social media.

For example, I found out that a new client of mine loves popcorn. She loves it so much that she mentioned it in her bio on her website (this is a great way to find out what your clients are into, by the way). I sent her some of my favorite popcorn, and she was so happy she shared it on Instagram and tagged me in the photo.

Ok, let’s get to the gifts! Below is a list of fun gift suggestions for clients, no matter the reason, and all under $20. They’re broken down into different interests.

I hope this list makes it easy for you to find something special! (By the way, I have another list of gift ideas right here).

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If your client has a soft spot for animals, they’ll love these animal-inspired gifts.


Cat Shaped Sticky Notes – Your cat-loving client will love these brightly colored cat shaped sticky notes. They’re much cuter than the boring yellow squares!


Sloth Pens – Who could resist these adorable sloth pens? Not me! 


Black Kitty Coffee Mug and Spoon – Pair this with some coffee or tea and you’ll be the cat’s meow!




Dog & Bone Paper Clips – Paper clips are an office necessity, but they don’t have to be boring! Give your client these sweet dog themed paper clips and they’ll smile every time they see them.


Fox Planter/Vase – There’s nothing cuter than an animal planter with a plant in it! Imagine this cute little fox planter with a small plant or flowers coming out of it!




Is your client a health professional or health enthusiast? These gifts show them you care about their health as much as they do.


Handmade Ginger Lime Soap – Mmmmm! Trust me, health nuts love natural soap. I should know because I am one! I recommend choosing one that’s handmade through small batches using only natural ingredients. And if your client is vegan, make sure the soap is too!

Lemon Lavender All Natural Body Lotion – This stuff smells so fresh and relaxing! This would make a lovely gift for your health-conscious client who needs a little stress relief.


Water Tracking Bottle – This cute water bottle has the time of the day and ounces so your client can track their water intake. Plus, it has a flip-top lid that can be opened with one hand – perfect for when they’re working out. 




Is your client into tea? These lovely gifts are sure to be a hit!


Tea Mug with Infuser and Lid – I received something similar as a gift and I love it! You add loose tea to the infuser, dunk the infuser into the cup of hot water, cover with the lid and let the tea brew. Then, when you’re done, you flip the lid over onto the counter, remove the infuser and place it on the inverted lid. Genius!



Harney & Sons Summer Afternoon Tea – Green tea infused with floral and fruit flavors – how exquisite! And the tea tin is simply adorable and can be reused after the tea is gone. 


Dewey’s Meyer Lemon Cookies – What goes with tea? Cookies, of course! These lemon cookies will surely delight your tea lovin’ client!




Does your client love a good cup of joe? These gifts will add some sass to that caffeine.


Bitch I’m Fabulous Unicorn Mug – If your client has a sense of humor and loves unicorns (who doesn’t!) they’ll love this mug!



Kicking Horse Coffee – Fairtrade, organic, and kosher. Plus, it’s got a cool name.




Shoot for the Moon Inspirational Bookmark – ”Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars.” What a sweet message to mark a book with!



Affirmators – “50 Affirmation Cards to Help You Help Yourself without the Self-Helpy-ness”. As you can tell by the card’s description, these are fun! I like to pull a card each day to get a good laugh while I get inspired.



Amazon Gift Card – If all else fails, an Amazon gift card is the perfect gift! Your client can pick anything from their wishlist, and you can even send them through email with a fun Ecard or video! Sending through the mail? Check out this Amazon card in a cute cupcake tin!


Giving the perfect gift doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. All it takes is a little effort to get to know your client and a desire to give them something special. Everyone likes getting gifts, so this is a fun and simple way to stand out as the awesome VA you are!



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