A fun sneak peek at my day as an entrepreneur (with pictures).


Yesterday, I had the opportunity to take the wheel of the One Woman Shop Instagram account! One Woman Shop is a community and resource gold mine for women solopreneurs, and I had so much fun sharing a peek into a day in the life of a busy online business manager! 

In case you missed it, here’s a photo tour of a day as an online solopreneur: 


Billie Gardner (Desire to Done)

Hello there!  I’m Billie & I’m an Online Business Manager. I help entrepreneurs run their businesses from my home in Florida. Today I’ll be sharing what a typical day in my solo biz looks like.


Billie Gardner (Desire to Done)

I stay up late, so I get up around 9am and ease into my day. I have my tea & cuddle with this sweet girl, Roxy (the other fur baby is hiding ❤ I like to do light work, like pinning to my Pinterest boards, to get my brain ready for the day.



Billie Gardner (Desire to Done)

I like to have a green smoothie for breakfast, this one has cranberries in it. So festive! I freeze bags of chopped greens and use frozen fruit so I can make my smoothies super quick!

I prefer to stay out of the kitchen!


Billie Gardner (Desire to Done)

This is a sneak peek of my “photo studio” where I take most of my Instagram photos for my biz. You’re looking at my washing machine in the laundry room! I found that the laundry room has the best lighting for photos and the white background makes a cleaning looking photo (sometimes I’ll use color poster board too).

I like to batch my photos to save time.


Billie Gardner (Desire to Done)

Here’s what the finished photo looks like!


Billie Gardner (Desire to Done)

I check my email throughout the morning to make sure no urgent client work has come in. If not, I like to work a little on some of my creative projects. I find that I’m most creative in the mornings and at 8pm so I like to take advantage of it when I can.

I’m currently creating my first eBook How to Start Your Virtual Assistant Business.



Billie Gardner (Desire to Done)

Now it’s time for some serious work! Around noon is when I typically dive into client work. I prefer Basecamp when it comes to project management on the computer.

But I also like to kick it old school with a notebook, sticky notes and a cute pen! I list the day of the week at the top of each page and write that day’s tasks on sticky notes. That way I can move tasks around as needed.


Billie Gardner (Desire to Done)

Time for a break! This is Daisy, fur baby #2. She encourages me to take a break around 5pm to get out and get some fresh air.

Then I get back to work!


Billie Gardner (Desire to Done)

I had a blast sharing my day with you! I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you One Woman Shop for letting me share a sneak peek into my life!

I love being a solopreneur and working from home, it’s truly a dream come true. I’m done with my client work for the day so I’m going to have dinner with my hubby and chillax.

Thanks for following my day!


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