No need to stress about what to put in your virtual assistant contract and how to send it! This post covers step-by-step what to do! #virtualassistant #workfromhome


One of the most important steps in your client intake process is sending a contract that outlines your policies, what your service includes, and anything else that you need to communicate to your client.

Not only do contracts help you in case of a legal situation, but they’re also great for letting your client know what to expect. I prefer to state my business policies in contracts instead of sending a welcome packet because clients are much more likely to read a contract. That way, my clients know what’s going on, and I only have to create one document instead of creating a contract AND a packet.



Step 1: Write your contract

  • Create your contract in Pages, Word, or a Google Doc
  • Save the contract as a PDF

Don’t know what to put in your contract? I have templates you can use here.

Step 2: Upload your contract to DropboxSign

  • Log into or sign up for DropboxSign (formerly called HelloSign)
  • Upload your contract
  • Add your name and email address
  • Add your client’s name and email address


Step 3: Prepare the contract for signing

  • Under fields/signer, choose your client’s name
  • Drag the signature and date boxes over to the contract
  • Under fields/signer, choose “me now”
  • Drag the signature box over and sign
  • Drag and drop the date box over


Step 4: Send the contract to your client

  • For the subject line, write the name of your document. Ex: Pinterest Service Agreement
  • Add a friendly message to your client asking them to please sign your contract
  • Click “Send for Signature” to send the contract
  • You’ll receive a message when your client signs your contract 😀


Congrats! Your contract has been signed, and you can move on to the next step!


Take the stress out of writing your virtual assistant contracts with this contract kit! Includes templates, video tutorials, and a workbook! 

Need help with any of the above steps? My Virtual Assistant Contract Kit includes contract templates, video tutorials, and a workbook to help you map out your business policies.

Grab your kit here.



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