No need to stress about contracts! Watch this video tutorial for the quick and easy way to create and send contracts to your new virtual assistant or freelance clients.


One of the most important steps in your client intake process is sending a contract that outlines your policies, what your service includes, and anything else that you need to communicate to your client.

Not only do contracts help you in case of a legal situation, but they’re also great for letting your client know what to expect. I prefer to state my business policies in contracts instead of sending a welcome packet because clients are much more likely to read a contract. That way, my clients know what’s going on and I only have to create one document instead of creating a contract AND a packet.



I now use HelloSign to send my contracts. I used to use Docracy, but they, unfortunately, shut down. I was really sad because Docracy was totally free. After doing some research on a handful of different contract signature programs, I found a way to send free contracts through HelloSign. They offer 3 free contracts a month which is really cool. If you send more than 3 there’s a monthly fee.

By the way, I offer virtual assistant contract templates if you need them.

In the video above I’ll show you how to create and send a contract through HelloSign.


Step 1: Prepare your contract or obtain a template.

  • You can get mine here (they’re super affordable!).
  • If you’re using a template, update the template for your own business. If you’re using my templates, edit anything in bold or parentheses.
  • Make sure the contract text or template is saved as a PDF or Word doc.


Step 2: Upload contact to HelloSign

  • Log into or sign up for HelloSign.
  • When you log in, it will take you to a page with some options. Select “Me and Others.”
  • Click the “Upload the file” on the next page to add your contract.


Step 3: Prepare doc for signing

  • Scroll down to the text boxes below the file. Make sure your name and email address are already there. (If you added these when you filled out your profile, they should show up in these fields automatically.)
  • Add your client’s name and email address to the correct text boxes.
  • Click “Prepare doc for signing.” This will take you to your actual contract.


Step 4: Fill out the contract

  • Add text boxes to the blank spaces.
    • For the area at the top where your client’s business name will go, click “text box” on the top toolbar and drag the box to the blank space on the contract.
    • It will then ask “Who fills this out?” Click “Me, now.” This will allow you to type your client’s name and business name into the spaces on the contract.
  • Sign the contract
    • For the places that need to be signed, click “Signature” on the toolbar and drag text boxes to those fields.
    • Select “me, now” for your signature space and it will bring up your signature. If you haven’t used HelloSign before, it will ask you to draw or type your signature.
    • For the space for your client’s signature, choose “client’s name” and check “required.”
    • Use regular text boxes to the places where your names must be printed.
  • Date the contract.
    • Click “Sign Date” on the toolbar and drag a box to the date fields. This should add the current date.


Step 5: Send the contract

  • Review everything and click “Continue” at the top.
  • The next section is a message to your client. Fill in the subject line and the message, then hit “request signature” to send the email.


To view contracts:

  • From the homepage, click “Documents” on the left toolbar to see your options. The arrow on the right will let you view, share, edit, or download them.


For a lot of new VAs, the contract is one of the most intimidating parts of the client intake process, but it doesn’t have to be. HelloSign and my contract templates make it so easy!


4 pack of client contract templates for your virtual assistant business. Just upload the templates to Docracy, add your info, and send to your clients! Also includes ebook/workbook on what to include in your business policies.

Purchase virtual assistant contract templates for your business here.



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