👩🏽‍💻👩‍💻 Coaching for virtual assistants 👩🏽‍💻👩‍💻

(and business owners wanting to hire a VA)

Feeling stuck or overwhelmed with your business? Need some advice? Want someone to talk things through with?

Let’s chat!

Whether you’re a Virtual Assistant needing help with your business or a business owner needing help hiring a VA, I can get you unstuck and back on track.

A unique 1:1 coaching experience between you and me over the Voxer app

My coaching sessions happen over Voxer, a walkie-talkie-type app that allows us to exchange voice and text messages.

Coaching over Voxer is a low-stress way of working through your questions. There’s no need to respond immediately; therefore, you can connect with me on your own terms. This gives us both time to process, reflect, and answer in a no-pressure way (PERFECT for introverts!)

You can spend your 2-hours asking as many questions as you like or get more in-depth support like feedback on your website.

You can also take action during our session. So if you want to work on something and get advice as you work on it, you can. 

If you’re a virtual assistant, you can:

  • Talk through a client issue or a difficult situation
  • Get feedback on your website, sales copy, processes, pricing, or service offerings 
  • Get accountability for a project you’ve been putting off
  • Work on your mindset blocks
  • Get clear on your niche and ideal client
  • Bounce ideas off me and get my opinion
  • Figure out your priorities and what to focus on next
  • Work on facing your fears of putting yourself out there and marketing your business
  • Brainstorm passive income ideas and discuss the tech you can use
  • Get advice on scaling your business and making more money
  • Dive into why you’re procrastinating on a project or idea
  • Practice a discovery call
  • Get support as you go through the Passion to Profit Plan (if you’re an Introvert VA Club member)
  • Ask questions about hiring and training a VA for your own business

If you’re a business owner, you can:

  • Work on fears or blocks around hiring a virtual assistant
  • Get advice on the type of VA you need to hire
  • Get clear on the type of tasks you need to delegate to a VA
  • Ask questions about the process of hiring, training, and delegating to a VA
  • Get support as you go through the Hire a Virtual Assistant Workbook

The benefits of coaching

Talking one-on-one with a coach is different than taking a course or doing a group coaching program.

We’ll discuss YOUR challenges, and you’ll receive advice on YOUR situation.

Having this type of support can help you build confidence, squash fears, and get you on the path to success faster than working at it alone.

If you’re a VA, you can ask me any questions you have about starting or running a virtual assistant business.

If you’re a business owner, I can help answer questions about the process of hiring, training, and delegating to a VA. 

Billie Gardner is the founder of Desire to Done and Introvert VA Club. She helps creative introverts become virtual assistants.

Hi! I’m Billie! I’m a VA mentor, author, and educator. 

I’ve been both a VA and have hired several VAs of my own, so I have the unique perspective of both sides.

I’m also the creator of the Introvert VA Club and author of the Hire a Virtual Assistant Workbook

In 2020 I was listed in One Woman Shop’s “100 Best Sites for Solopreneurs” under the virtual assistant category and have been featured on Skillshare, The Freelance to Freedom Project, and the Pep Talks for Side Hustlers Podcast.

I’m very passionate about helping people reach their goals and create more business/life freedom.

Ready to book a call? Here’s what to do next:

1. Schedule your session

Schedule your session by clicking the button below and follow the prompts to complete your payment.

2. Connect with me on Voxer

Set up your Voxer account and send me a message (you’ll receive an email with detailed instructions).


3. Show up and slay

On your coaching day, we’ll tackle your questions one by one.

Here’s what people are saying:

Arnetia Renee

A weight has been lifted off of my shoulders! 

Before our coaching session, I was struggling with a lot of fear and insecurity. I was also feeling burned out. I really enjoyed talking with someone who understands where I’m coming from and is relatable. I also liked that I’m able to replay and review our messages after the coaching session. 

Billie is a kind and wonderful VA mentor who will guide you through anything you’re struggling with!


Lisa O'Bryan

It was so much more than I was expecting! You won’t regret it! 

I was struggling with my website copy and speaking effectively to my ideal client. Billie helped me understand how to convey my messaging more concisely and effectively.

What I loved most about the coaching session was the efficiency of Billie’s communication, her amazing insight, and the ability for us to “get down to business” while making it fun, without a ton of pressure.

Billie definitely over-delivered, and I felt that she really wants to see others succeed!


Sandra Brown

I thought doing coaching over Voxer was excellent!

It was very useful for getting immediate feedback on the issue I’d wanted help with and learning about the tools and strategies that I can use.

Before the session, I was struggling with how to refine my packages and pricing. What I loved most about the coaching call was the ability to collaborate on a Google Doc!

Billie is helpful, understanding, and really easy to talk to. She offers practical advice and suggestions for achieving your desired objective. I believe she genuinely cares about her client’s success.


How many questions can I ask during our session?

You can ask as many questions as time allows. 

How do I prepare for our Coaching Session?

Before our call, you’ll need to download the Voxer app on your phone, set up your account, and contact me on Voxer. I’ll send an email once you sign up with detailed instructions on how to do this.

For the coaching session:

  • Make a list of topics you want to cover, so you have an idea. We’ll start with your biggest challenge first, and if time allows, go on to the next topic(s). We will tackle one problem or project at a time.
  • If you have questions, write them down.
  • If you need feedback on something like your website, you’ll receive an email 1 hour before our session with instructions on how to share it with me. 
  • If you need feedback on something like website copy, but don’t have it on your website yet, write what you have in a Google Doc. (Google Docs allow us to collaborate together in real-time.) You’ll receive an email 1 hour before our session with instructions on how to share it with me.
I haven’t started my VA business yet. Can I still sign up for coaching?

Yes! I’d be happy to help you!

Can you help me set up my tech?

I won’t be able to set up your tech, but I can give you advice on the type of tech to use.

You mention this is good for introverts, but I’m an extrovert. Can I sign up?

Of course! The way that the coaching session takes place is ideal for introverts, but extroverts can get lots of value from it too.

I’m struggling with something and not sure if you can help. What should I do?

Reach out to me and let me know what the issue is, and I’ll let you know if I can help. 

I have a question not answered here. How can I get in touch?

You can reach out to me here and I’ll be happy to answer your question.

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