Stop wasting time curating social media posts and only using them once! Reshare posts, grab posts from your favorite bloggers, and organize your updates easily with RecurPost!


Social media marketing is so time-consuming. You know you need to do it to get the word out about your business, but as an entrepreneur, you already have tons of other things to do. I honestly find social media to be quite tedious as well, which makes it very difficult to post consistently.

Luckily, I recently discovered a tool that recycles social media updates on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, and LinkedIn (Pinterest is coming soon!). I HAD to try it. A tool that automatically loops updates and saves me time? Sign me up!

This tool is called RecurPost and it’s now what I use to do my social media marketing. Not only has it saved me tons of time, it’s actually fun to use!

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RecurPost helps reduce the amount of time I spend curating posts and information I share on social media. Its Feed Manager, Recycling Feature, and Content Library are three of my favorite features I use to automate my social media.

Let’s take a closer look at these, shall we?


1) Feed Manager

One of my favorite things to share on social media are articles that I think my audience will enjoy. Even though I like sharing content from my favorite blogs, finding that content used to be a massive pain. I had to go through each blog to see if there was any new content, read the article, grab the link, make a link, and paste the link into Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule it.

That’s way too many steps if you ask me. Nobody’s got time for that!

Now I just go to the Feed Manager within RecurPost where I have the most recent content from 10 of my favorite websites. I have the $25/mo plan, so I can have 10 RSS feeds, but you can get 2 feeds for the $10/mo plan.

I click on each of the website feeds, click and read the articles I find interesting, then click “approve”. RecurPost then automatically creates a link and puts it into the Content Library to post later.

I personally like to approve each article that gets posted, but you can also set it up so it automatically schedules posts without having to manually approve. How great is that?


This is the Feed Manager where I curate content to share on Social Media. The red circles indicate the amount of new articles available from my favorite blogs.


I click on the blog link to read the article, approve or reject it, and RecurPost schedules the ones I approve to go out automatically. I can also click “Edit & Approve” if I want to add a comment to share along with the post.



2) Recycling Feature

If you’re going to spend time curating content to share on social media, why use it only once? It’s a total waste of time to do so! I know I want to get the most out of my time and recycling content through RecurPost is one of the ways I do that.

You have the option of recycling content or letting it expire (content based around holidays are the kinds of posts you’d want to let expire. You don’t want to be talking about Christmas in May!)

This feature isn’t available with Hootsuite or Buffer, two other social media tools I’ve used in the past. MeetEdgar has the feature, but it’s $49/mo. That’s a little steep. You can reshare up to 100 updates with the free version of RecurPost!


3) Content Library

You can organize your content into categories or what’s called Content Libraries. You can also create one-time libraries or regular content libraries.

With regular content libraries, once your update is published it is moved to the end of the library list so it can be posted again once everything has been posted in that library. This will save you tons of time! That’s automation at it’s best!

With one-time libraries, your update is only used once and doesn’t get recycled.

You can also pause libraries in case you want to hold off on posting a particular category for a while.

For instance, I have a library just for my blog posts, one just for quotes, and one just for other people’s content. This allows me to have control over when and how often these posts get shared.


In the Content Library, you can organize your content into categories, making it easy to manage your updates.

Let’s take My Blog Posts Library, for example. These posts go out on Mondays and are recycled over and over (it’s a regular content library). When I publish a new blog post on my website I add the post to this library so that it’s recycled continuously.

Then there’s my Quotes Library. When I publish a new blog post or launch a new product, I’ll pull quotes from them and add them to this library. I currently have this library paused because the list is pretty small and I’ve recycled them a few times already. Once I add more quotes to this list, I’ll unpause it and it will automatically post the quotes to Facebook.

Lastly, there’s my Other People’s Content Library. I currently have this set up as a one-time library, but that’s because I need to fill up the library again. At one point I had a big library full of articles, but I recycled through all of them at least once so I have them on standby for now. The updates in my Other People’s Content Library are scheduled to go out 3 days a week.


Here’s a quick video to learn more about RecurPost and its amazing features:






Managing my social media is no longer a time-consuming task!

If you’re tired of spending tons of time on curating and scheduling social media posts, if you dread the whole process, or if you just lack consistency with posting on your social media platforms, RecurPost is your new BFF. It will help you automate posts, save time and energy, and actually make the process, dare I say, fun!

Sign up and try RecurPost for free here.




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