I’m all about automating tasks to make life (and business) simpler! Today I’m talking about one of my favorite Pinterest marketing tools, BoardBooster. Learn why you need it and why I love it!


UPDATE: Unfortunately, Boardbooster is no more. I’m now using Tailwind to automate my Pinterest marketing, and it has many of the same features that I loved about Boardbooster!



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I’ve always loved Pinterest so when I started launching my digital products back in 2015, I knew I wanted to give Pinterest marketing a go. I signed up for Melyssa Griffin’s Pinfinite Growth course (this course is now retired) to learn Pinterest strategy. This is where I first learned about my favorite Pinterest tool, BoardBooster.


I’m all about automating tasks and that’s exactly what BoardBooster does. Plus it’s super reasonable (plans start at $5 a month after a free trial of 100 pins). Read on to learn why you need BoardBooster and what my two favorite BoardBooster features are.



BoardBooster is a program that loops and schedules the pins on your boards so that your account is never stagnant. Pinterest likes to see that you’re an active pinner who’s constantly saving useful content, but who has time to pin five times a day?


Boardbooster takes care of this for you. It allows you to pin when you want and keeps things moving while you’re away.


As a matter of fact, I require all my Pinterest clients to use BoardBooster because it’s too time-consuming to grow your business without it!





Looping is the process of automatically repinning your pins. You pin to your boards, tell BoardBooster which boards to loop and how many pins to loop each day and you’re done!


Larger boards with a lot of pins can be looped without anyone noticing that content is repeating itself. This means that you can have BoardBooster repin a couple older pins daily that are already on that board.


This feature is useful because it keeps all your boards active, even if you haven’t pinned to them in awhile. I wouldn’t rely on it completely, because you still need to add fresh content to your boards regularly, but it’s a great way to show Pinterest that you’re active even if you miss a day or two.


It’s also wonderful for boards that have your content on them, because your content will be in constant rotation and will show up in people’s feeds more often!




You can use the scheduling feature in a few different ways, but my favorite is to use it for Group Boards. You get the best results from group boards when you pin frequently, but again, nobody has time to pin three times every day. Scheduling spaces out your daily pins to your group boards so more people will see you and your account when they look at that board.


Another way you can use the scheduling feature is by setting up a secret board, adding a bunch of pins to that board, and then having BoardBooster pin those pins to your public board over a set period of time. It’s like a slow cooker – set it and forget it!


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I know I already mentioned it above, but a great thing about BoardBooster is that it’s super affordable! Your first 100 pins are free, and after that you can get a monthly plan of just $5 and upgrade as your Pinterest account grows.


BoardBooster has helped me grow my account and build my traffic so much, it’s one of the best marketing bangs for the buck out there!






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