Create an Online Vision Board Using Polyvore

Today I’d like to introduce you to Polyvore, a place you can create online collages.  You can create a vision board, style board or even a brand board for your business.  In this short video I show you how to use Pinterest and Polyvore to create a vision or inspiration board.


If you create a vision or inspiration board I’d love to see it! Leave a link to your collage in the comments below!




Bring Fun + Playfulness Into Your Life + Business

Are you craving a more soul-aligned, wild life?  Do you fear your customers will run if you bring your true personality into your business?  Are you scared to make the leap towards your dreams? If so, you’ll love my interview with Emelie Pickett from Forbidden Life.  Emelie is a contemporary shaman and does animal spiritContinue Reading

Create Professional Looking Blog Images with Canva

Creating professional looking blog images can be frustrating if you’re not a graphic designer.  I use Canva to create a lot of my images because they have beautiful templates and it’s super freaking easy to use! Canva isn’t only for people who have a business or a blog. You can create Facebook and Twitter bannersContinue Reading

How to Stop Taking Things Personally

We all do it.  Someone makes a comment or does something that makes us feel bad about ourselves and we take it personally. Sometimes it’s a misunderstanding and getting upset is a waste of our time and energy.  Sometimes it’s got nothing to do with us at all. The next time someone says or doesContinue Reading

Tips for Creating a Sacred Space You’ll Love

You might be asking, “What exactly is a sacred space and why do I need one?” A sacred space is a magical place for you to get in touch with your inner self.  An area you call your own. It might be a place for you to unwind or a place you daydream.  It canContinue Reading

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