5 Tricks for Making Tough Decisions Less Stressful

5 Tricks for Making Tough Decisions Less Stressful


We’ve all been there at some point or another.

Stressing out and obsessing about it till it drives us NUTS!  Asking everyone’s opinion until we want to crawl under a rock and never come out.  We feel confused, anxious and scared.

Decisions…..why are they so damn scary?

Probably because it all boils down to uncertainty.  “What will happen if I choose A?  What if I choose B?  What if I choose A but then I regret it and want to switch to B?  What if I choose B and it’s the wrong decision?”


When you’re at a crossroads, take a deep breath, release, then read my suggestions below for making tough decisions less stressful:


Trick #1:

Get out of your head!  You know what I’m talking about.  ‘Round and round your thoughts go…until you’re utterly and completely bonker-doodles!  This is when you need to talk it out and/ or write it down. 

If you decide to talk to someone, make sure you trust & respect their opinion.  And be careful about asking a bunch of people their opinions because lots of choices doesn’t make it any easier.

If you decide to write it down, write your options and all the pros and cons.  See what outweighs the other.


Trick #2:

Imagine how it feels having made the decision.  Do you feel lighter, calmer, and happier?  If yes, you’ve made your choice.  It doesn’t mean it’s the easiest path necessarily, but it’s the path your instincts are telling you.  And that’s usually the wisest decision.

On the flip side, if your decision feels heavy, uncomfortable and makes you unhappy, it’s probably not the right decision.


Trick #3:

Ask yourself 4 important questions:

  • “What’s the worst that can happen?” You may find that your worst case scenario isn’t so bad, making your decision easier.
  • “How likely will that happen?” Your worst case scenario may never ever happen.  In that case, you may want to just go for it.
  • “Can I deal with it if it happens?”  If it comes down to the fact that your worst case scenario is very likely to happen, you have to see if you’re prepared to deal with it.  If you find that you’re not, find out how you can better prepare yourself.  Maybe asking for support or changing some habits will ease the pain a little.
  • “If it happens, is it better than the alternative?”  At some point you may find that even though your worst case scenario will be rough to handle, it’s better than the other choice.


Trick #4:

Stop thinking about it.  This allows your mind to un-clutter and sometimes this is all you need to see the blinking neon sign with your answer.


Trick #5:

Wait.  If you have time and space, give your decision some breathing room.  Allow for a sign from the universe to come through and make your decision clearer or for an option C to pop up.  You’re more likely to make the wrong decision (if there’s such a thing) if you force yourself to decide when you’re not ready.


Bonus Trick:

Go with your first instinct.  It’s usually right!


Do you have a decision making process that you’d like to share?  I’d love to hear it!

Please share this with others so you can help them make wiser & less stressful decisions.  They’ll love you for it! ;)




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