You’ve been working your tail off and it’s finally paying off…but while you’re swimming in clients, you’re drowning in “to-do’s”.


To-do’s that aren’t getting done. 



You desire even more growth for your business, but there aren’t enough hours in the day to do it ALL (engage your followers, attract new clients and plan your next month of social media…the list goes on).


Let’s get real, the business isn’t going to grow itself, and you are maxed out. 



That’s where I come in. I help motivated, talented and successful entrepreneurs (like yourself) get:


  • organized

  • automated and

  • running smoothly…


So that YOU can revel in the glory of “free time” and focus your “biz time” on tasks that make YOU happy (while also growing your company).

When Billie came on board to help me grow my empire it was like the heavens parted! She really “got” me and my business and her presence is calming, reassuring and devoted.  She is super tech savvy, and when I assign her work, I know it will get done without 20 back and forth emails about the matter. She is also creative and strategic, which comes in handy when I need help brainstorming topics and ideas that I’m “too close” to get perspective on.

Anna Long-Stokes

Intuitive Business Strategist, Electric Empire